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Ignite the Potential of Your Discovery

Collaborate with our business development experts to identify opportunities

By drawing on our business expertise and our extensive network of industry contacts, we will help you realize the commercial potential of your invention. Our team will guide you through the commercialization process in order to maximize the benefit of your invention to society, the University, and you.

Part of our mission is to ensure that society benefits from Harvard originated innovations. Value to society is measured by the degree to which the innovation is successfully identified and protected, and then licensed to an external entity that can advance and bring to market practical applications of the innovation.

Alan Gordon

Director of Business Development, Physical Sciences

Report Your Innovation

Reporting your innovation is a great first step in reviewing and discussing the commercial potential of your work.

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Not quite ready to report your discovery or in need of guidance on how to do so? We're happy to connect you with a business development specialist uniquely qualified to discuss your options.

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License your invention

Establish mutually beneficial partnerships with industry

Licensing your innovation to an existing company is an effective and efficient way to get new technologies to market. Our team has extensive experience in cultivating licensing partnerships and negotiating licensing agreements that benefit all parties involved. We manage the entire technology transfer and licensing process, including collecting and distributing associated fees and royalties so you can remain focused on your research

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Start a new company

Launch your new venture with every possible advantage

Forming a startup presents exciting opportunities and formidable challenges. Success requires more than novel science or technology—it demands experienced, enthusiastic, and skilled management. OTD has the expertise to evaluate your situation objectively to determine if an entrepreneurial venture is a viable strategy. If so, we can provide the knowledge, support, and business contacts to help launch your new venture with every possible advantage.

A Faculty-led Startup:


Startup Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Starting  a new company is truly a formidable challenge. This easy-to-read guide provides insight and clarity to start you on your way.

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