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Our business development experts collaborate with Harvard innovators to deeply understand the nature of the research, as well as the goals and objectives of their work. What’s important for them? What they are trying to achieve? That's the starting point for OTD; it drives everything we do.

What's the best pathway to realize the full commercial impact of your idea? Our team engages with you to answer this question. We view important science through a different lens: Can it be translated into a product? Could it be the basis of a startup? Might a company license it or fund research to develop it further? That’s our objective. Like the scientific method, we formulate a hypothesis and then test it in the marketplace, by talking with potential customers, companies, and VCs. This input often sharpens the idea. Our faculty are true partners in this process.

Sam T. Liss

Business Development Director

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Reporting your innovation is a great first step in reviewing and discussing the commercial potential of your work.

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