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Identify industry partners and secure support for your research

Bringing industry-sponsored research funding to your lab has a two-fold purpose:

  • Create opportunities to expand your research by accessing funding and other resources available through industry partners
  • Advance your research to enhance the probability of successful partnering, development, and commercial impact.

Supporting you along the way

We provide you with ongoing, professional support throughout the process of developing proposals, identifying, and engaging the appropriate industry partner. Our team works actively to maximize the chances of success and value derived from the collaboration by:

  • Developing a strategic vision for industry partnerships
  • Looking to create new opportunities for engagement or expand existing ones
  • Identifying and solving potential issues early in the process
  • Engaging with you on the project level, as necessary, to provide guidance

Protect your research interests

We work on your behalf to protect your interests. To this end, all research partnership agreements drafted through OTD:

  • Safeguard your ability to publish the results of your research
  • Are limited in duration and tied to a research plan you generate
  • Secure ownership of the results of the sponsored research
  • Stipulate licensing limitations  – no perpetual rights, ‘sweetheart’ deals or ability to suppress technology
  • Offer no guaranteed results or other ‘deliverables’ – the research and any resulting IP are provided to the company on an ‘as is’ basis
  • Reserve the rights of researchers at Harvard and elsewhere to use any sponsored IP for educational and not-for-profit research use.

Unsure where to start?

Have questions about your innovation or the process of working with OTD in general? Speak with us today.

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Industry Sponsored Research

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Current Calls

The Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator has released the FY17 Request for Proposals.

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My laboratory has received funding through the extraordinary efforts of OTD; this funding has been well matched to my ongoing research and has proven critical for the advancement of my research program.

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