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AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES - Diagnostic/Biomarkers

Results: 24
Case # Lead Inventor Title
4215Goldberger, Ary L.Non-subjective, diagnosis of depression
3928Aizenberg, JoannaFluids identification by chemically patterned inverse opal photonic crystals
3867Hotamisligil, Gokhan S.Novel lipid hormone for identifying and treating metabolic disease
3865Whitesides, George M.Separations and detection of particles/cells using stable stepwise density gradients and centrifugation
3692Blenis, JohnIdentification of novel downstream effectors of the mTOR1 pathway
3507Lieber, Charles M.Localized bioprobes for electrophysiology
3262Hotamisligil, Gokhan S.Novel lipid hormone for identifying and treating metabolic disease
2633Pizzagalli, Diego A.Software for early detection and assessment of depression
2616Gordon, Roy G.Field effect transistors constructed by coating carbon nanotubes with dielectrics and metals by ALD
2307Church, George M.Enhanced fidelity of sub-nanogram amplification
2258Church, George M.Bead-based polymerase colony microarrays and nucleic acid sequencing ("Polony-FISSEQ Beads")
2024Church, George M.MicroArray spot LINEar regression (MASLINER) software
1925Whitesides, George M.Microfluidic arrays for multiplex detection of analyts
1884Gygi, Steven P.Microcapillary column peptide trap provides superior mechanical design to the automated loader
1882Myrick, Kyl V.A versatile method for accelerated chromosome walking and DNA fingerprinting
1742Jones, Alun G.Next generation diagnostics for breast cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma
1528Hogle, James M.A tool for the linkage and presentation of multiple protein functional domains
1439Church, George M.Surface-bound double-stranded DNA protein arrays
1438Church, George M.Production and uses of polymerase colony ("polony") arrays
1386Greco, Frank A.Diagnostic test for Alzheimer's disease
1169Kassis, Amin I.Rapid synthesis of radiolabeled pyrimidine nucleosides or nucleotides from Stann
1119Leder, PhilipEotaxin: an eosinophil chemoattractant
1070Murray, Christopher JLDisease incidence/prevalence analytical model
0951Russell, MaryMethods of detecting and treating arterial inflammatory disease