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Case # Lead Inventor Title
5138Aspuru-Guzik, AlanMethod for embedding electronic structure in controllable quantum systems
5053Walsh, Conor JamesBioinspired soft-actuated materials, cardiac simulator, and direct cardiac compression device
4934Loncar, MarkoVertical support structure to realize photonic structures from bulk substrates
4779Wood, Robert J.Using sleeves to mechanically program soft actuators
4360Clarke, David R.Flexible full color high contrast electronic-display
4342Mekalanos, John J.High efficency di-nucleotide cyclase
4272Manoharan, VinothanLiquid color: Flexible, angle-independent structural color from microdroplets
4022Lukin, Mikhail D.Scalable room temperature solid-state quantum information processor
3928Aizenberg, JoannaFluids identification by chemically patterned inverse opal photonic crystals
3844Lieber, Charles M.Monolithically-integrated graphene structures as sensors
3836Clardy, JonPhaeobacticides - Potent and selective new class of algae growth inhibitors
3811Aziz, Michael J.Cost-effective electrocatalysts for the production of chlorine
3718Whitesides, George M.3D cell culture substrate that enables live-cell imaging
3709Aizenberg, JoannaCoating plastics with thin films of glass by a "poor man's" ALD method
3708Gordon, Roy G.Tin and lead compound precursors for low temperature atomic layer deposition (ALD)
3702Loncar, MarkoHigh-flux, low-power diamond nanowire single-photon source arrays: an enabling material for optical and quantum computing and cryptography
3685Aziz, Michael J.Silicon-based photodiodes for enhanced infrared detection, quick response and low cost
3573Aizenberg, JoannaMicrostructured surfaces that prevent ice accumulation
3466Mazur, EricFast, accurate, laser-based cell injection technique
3231Whitesides, George M.Paper-supported 3D cell culture for cell and tissue-based bioassays
3217Aizenberg, JoannaMethod of making inverse opal structures produces far fewer defects and larger crystalline domains than the conventional process
3211Park, HongkunVertical silicon nanowires as a universal platform for highly efficient delivery of bioactive molecules into living cells
3201Ramanathan, ShriramRobust thin film solid oxide fuel cell
3198Prentiss, Mara G.New cell sorting technology could replace fluorescent and magnetic technologies
3141Gordon, Roy G.Improved metal complex chemical precursors for atomic layer deposition (ALD) and chemical vapor depostion (CVD) using bicyclic guanidines
3136Lieber, Charles M.Novel high-speed, high-density nanowire memory elements
3075Aizenberg, JoannaControl over deposition of nanoscale materials using structured surfaces
2809Lieber, Charles M.General synthesis and properties of hetero-branched nanostructures
2799Whitesides, George M.Patterning of metals and metal compounds using ionotropic polymers
2784Lieber, Charles M.Bubble expansion of homogeneous epoxy suspensions of nanowires and carbon nanotubes to produce large area films
2774Parker, Kevin Kit"MoleProbe": A real-time molecular diagnostic device
2616Gordon, Roy G.Field effect transistors constructed by coating carbon nanotubes with dielectrics and metals by ALD
2440Golovchenko, JeneLift-off patterning processes using solid-condensed-gas layers as resists
2422Lieber, Charles M.Nanowire-based nonvolatile memory
2310Golovchenko, JeneNanometer patterning with ice
2281Golovchenko, JeneCoating suspended nanotubes with silicon nitride
2215Weitz, David A.Method and apparatus for fluid dispersion
2137Hau, Lene V.Using electro-magnetically induced transparency in photonic crystal cavities to obtain huge non-linear effects
2093Golovchenko, JeneDirectional growth of carbon nanotube growth
2086Gordon, Roy G.Highly conformal tungsten nitride films for use in microelectronics and semiconductors
1824Gordon, Roy G.Vapor deposition of silica nanolaminates makes extremely smooth and highly conformal silica thin films with excellent step coverage
1608Gordon, Roy G.Liquid precursor for formation of materials containing alkali metals
1458Gordon, Roy G.Novel apparatus turns liquids into vapors for use in chemical vapor deposition
1380Gordon, Roy G.Liquid precursors for formation of metal oxides
1233Gordon, Roy G.Chemical vapor deposition of fluorine-doped zinc oxide
1137Lieber, Charles M.Alternative approach to the synthesis of nanoscale structures
0555Gordon, Roy G.Unique chemical vapor deposition thin film compositions with useful properties