Alan Gordon

Director of Business Development, Physical Sciences

A member of OTD’s business development team since 2005, Alan supports faculty and researchers across a portfolio of technology areas (e.g., optics, quantum computing, software, microfluidics, materials, energy technologies, tissue engineering, and instrumentation), developing and executing commercialization strategies for their Harvard innovations and advising on the formation of new startup companies. In addition, Alan has managed OTD's physical sciences and engineering accelerator since 2013, which developed into the Harvard Grid Accelerator in 2022. Alan first joined Harvard from a prior role as a Technology Licensing Officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Earlier in his career, Alan served as manager of pre- and post-sales services at WebLine Communications, work which led to the company's acquisition by Cisco Systems. Alan also held key technical, sales, and business development roles at several other Boston-area startup companies. He holds a degree in Materials Science from MIT.