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Drug Development Boot Camp

November 15th, 2017–November 16th, 2017
The Harvard Club, 374 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

Participants can register online and contact Dr. Lorna Speid of Speid & Associates with any questions.

Drug Development Boot Camp

The annual Drug Development Boot Camp® is an intense, fun, energized program for hands-on learning about the drug development process. The material presented will be reinforced with examples, case studies, puzzles, and workshops.

Testimonials from the 2016 Boot Camp

"Great immersion series. Comprehensive picture of drug development program."

"As a business development professional in the pharmaceutical sector, Drug Development Boot Camp was an essential primer to enhance my understanding of the entire development spectrum."

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend. The workshops and presentations were very informative and challenging. The exposure to multiple areas of pharma will support my decisions with a strong overall comprehension of drug development."

"Great course. Loved the workshops."

Who should attend?

  • Harvard University investigators
  • Clinical investigators who would like to gain an understanding of drug development
  • CEOs, CFOs, COOs of biotech companies
  • Executives and scientists involved in the drug development process
  • Regulatory affairs professionals, clinical research professionals, senior research scientists, toxicologists
  • Academic scientists working in the area of translational medicine
  • NIH/NCI investigators, researchers, scientists and drug developers
  • Physicians who are new to the pharmaceutical industry

This is not an entry-level program. It is intensive and intended for executive-level individuals who make drug development decisions on a daily basis. The program is intended to help you avoid:

  • Spending many years and huge sums of money developing a drug the market does not want and will not pay for
  • Making costly mistakes throughout the development process
  • Clinical hold situations which are extremely costly
  • An inability to raise funds or to find an appropriate exit.

Hosted by Speid & Associates, Inc., in coordination with Harvard's Office of Technology Development. Applicants should register online and contact Dr. Lorna Speid of Speid & Associates with any questions. Follow the Drug Development Boot Camp on Twitter: @DDBootCamp1

Press Contact

Caroline Perry
(617) 495-4157