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Principles and Strategies of Licensing IP From Universities

November 23rd, 2015 ~ 06:00pm–08:00pm
Harvard Innovation Lab

Hosted by the Harvard Innovation Lab:

You want to commercialize your thesis. Or perhaps you have met a dynamic technical co-founder focused on an existing problem. Either way you will need to license the core Intellectual property from the University.

The right IP licenses can make the difference in raising capital for your company and its valuation. They can also help or impede your early commercialization efforts with partners.

Ben Schlatka, VP and Cofounder of MC10, will lead a discussion & live case study format where you will:
– learn key principles and elements of a licensing deal
– review sample licensing term sheets
– negotiation strategies from founders who have done it.

We will also practice a mock negotiation in small groups and compare results!

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