Buckling-induced kirigami

The invention details design of a perforated planar sheet with different array of cuts that when pulled transforms to a 3D patterned surface by harnessing the out-of-plane buckling of ligaments. The cuts can take on a variety of shapes on different types of grids, and can be optimized to impart desired shape and mechanical properties to the structure with tunable curvature, Poisson’s ratio, stiffness and stretchability without failure. By applying large extension, the ligaments can be plastically deformed to create homogenous permanent folds transforming the flat perforated sheet into a foldable structure. For certain patterns, the shape of the kirigami can be controlled by the direction of applied load. Certain kirigami structures can be designed in such a way that they pop up toward only one side of the sheet making them suitable for attaching and actuating with a deformable substrate. Other development includes introducing partial cuts to guide the direction of folding. By carefully designing the shape of the cuts, we can have hierarchical kirigami structures with compatible and uniform deformation. Since the kirigami changes the morphology of the surface, it can be used to tune the friction.

This work on buckling-induced kirigami is highlighted on NSF Science Now (Epidode 51)

Intellectual Property Status: Patent(s) Pending

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