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Chemical vapor deposition of fluorine-doped zinc oxide

Films of fluorine-doped zinc oxide are deposited from vaporized precursor compounds comprising a chelate of a dialkylzinc, an oxygen source, and a fluorine source. For example, a vapor mixture of the N,N,N',N'-tetraethylethylenediamine chelate of diethylzinc, ethanol, hexafluoropropene and nitrogen deposits fluorine-doped zinc oxide films on substrates heated to temperatures around 450 degrees C.
These coatings are highly electrically conductive, transparent to visible light, reflective to infrared radiation, absorbing to ultraviolet light, and free of carbon impurity.

Intellectual Property Status: Patent(s) Pending


These films are useful in solar cells, flat-panel display devices, electrochromic absorbers and reflectors, energy-conserving heat mirrors, and anti-static coatings. This process may replace indium tin oxide in certain applications.