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Metasurfaces with increased field of view

Increasing the field of view of lenses and augmented reality devices has been a challenge.

This invention “Metasurfaces with increased field of view” enables increasing the field of view of lenses and augmented reality devices in a compact way, using a metasurface with tailored angle-dependent properties. Such devices can be used to greatly increase the achievable field of view of augmented reality devices in the visible regime and enable new optical devices. By changing material composition, this approach can be easily adopted to other spectral regions, such as the near-infrared. This invention provides a conceptually new approach to compress incident field of view and break away from the limitations of conventional gratings.

This work was published in Optics for Immersive Displays

Intellectual Property Status: Patent(s) Pending


The innovation has applications in: 1) increasing the field of view of diffractive waveguide couplers, for example in see-through near-eye displays for augmented reality, 2) aberration-corrected lenses free from coma, 3) wide-angle energy collectors which concentrate light from a wide range of angles to a single focal spot, and 4) omni-angle resonators/filters which response is robust against angular misalignment.