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Isolating live cells after high-throughput, long-term, time-lapse microscopy

Researchers led by Johan Paulsson have engineered a high-throughput microfluidic device for multigenerational culturing, imaging, and tracking of single-cell lineages. The platform is highly customizable and is compatible with many cell types,…


  • Johan Paulsson

Rapid point-of-care COVID-19 detection assay by RT-LAMP

The current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has created an urgent need for rapid point-of-care diagnostic tools. Many of these tests are being developed and are achieving FDA approval. In the face of a sweeping pandemic, assays should require no specialized…


  • Constance Cepko

Machine learning to accelerate diagnostics and therapeutics for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic demands a rapid response of science, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Debora Marks’ lab at Harvard Medical School aims to accelerate those efforts using predictive models of the SARS-CoV2-19 sequences and 3D structures. The lab’s…


  • Debora Marks

Universal Early Cancer Diagnostic

DescriptionThe methylation of DNA is an important epigenetic modification that regulates gene expression. A variety of disease states, cancer in particular, are thought to originate from defects in this process leading to changes in the DNA…


  • Alexander Meissner

Hyperpolarized contrast agents for MRI with long relaxation times

When the nuclear orientation of a material is hyperpolarized by techniques such as dynamic nuclear polarization, these materials can function as extremely effective contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In most cases, however, the…


  • Charles Marcus

Liquid biopsy-based predictive platform for early cancer detection and drug discovery

Recognition and management of individuals susceptible to disease are critical for patient care. However, identification of these patients is very challenging, especially in oncology. Dr. Peter Park and his group at the Department of Biomedical…


  • Peter Park

A novel and effective technology for target-based screening

Target-based screening allows for rapid identification of ligands for an increasing number of macromolecular targets and is commonly used in drug discovery.The present invention uses interaction-dependent PCR (IDPCR) to selectively identify…


  • David Liu
  • Christoph Dumelin
  • David Gorin
  • Lynn McGregor

Highly specific chemical detection using NMR at low magnetic fields

NMR often does not have sufficient resolution to distinguish between chemicals with related or similar structures in the presence of a large background, which leads to poor chemical specificity. The NMR spectra of complex chemical mixtures may…


  • Ronald Walsworth
  • Matthew Rosen
  • Stephen DeVience

Photostick: Physical isolation of single cells from tissue, for further propagation and single cell sequencing and omics

Photostick enables the physical selection of single cells from large populations in diverse environments. The novel process entails photochemical immobilization of live cells with patterned illumination, followed by removal of unwanted cells with…


  • Adam Cohen
  • Miao-Ping Chien

Genomic Analysis Tool Box

Cancer genomes frequently harbor high mutation rates, complex structural variations, and are characterized by genome instability. Detailed understanding of these characteristics of the cancer genome is necessary for pinpointing the cause of tumor…


  • Peter Park

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