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Genomic Analysis Tool Box

Cancer genomes frequently harbor high mutation rates, complex structural variations, and are characterized by genome instability. Detailed understanding of these characteristics of the cancer genome is necessary for pinpointing the cause of tumor…


  • Peter Park

Immunology and Computational Biology Partnership

Professors Diane Mathis and Christophe Benoist at Harvard Medical School, together with other world-renowned immunologists and computational biologists from multiple research institutions, have created the Immunological Genome Project – Immgen…


  • Diane Mathis
  • Christophe Benoist

MicroArray spot LINEar regression (MASLINER) software

Signal intensities between samples on a microarrary typically vary by as much as three to four orders of magnitude, frustrating efforts at comparative analysis of samples assayed in parallel. At any given laser power or photomultiplier tube gain…


  • George Church
  • John Aach
  • Aimee Dudley
  • Martin Steffen

A novel color filter array design scheme significantly reduces hardware complexity

In digital imaging applications, data are typically obtained via a spatial sub-sampling procedure implemented as a color filter array (CFA). CFA assigns a separate primary color to each pixel by placing a filter of that color over the pixel. The…


  • Patrick Wolfe
  • Keigo Hirakawa

Voltage emergency prediction: Signature-based approach to reducing voltage emergencies

To reduce the gap between nominal and worst-case operating voltages, Harvard researchers have developed a “voltage emergency predictor” that identifies when emergencies are imminent and prevents their occurrence. A voltage emergency predictor…


  • Gu-Yeon Wei
  • David Brooks
  • Michael Smith
  • Glenn Holloway
  • Meeta Gupta
  • Vijay Reddi

SpeedGene: A compression algorithm for fast and efficient storage of next-generation genetic sequencing studies

To solve the problem of large file sizes and long loading times of pedigree files for GWAS studies and next-generation sequencing studies, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health have developed a new compression algorithm -- SpeedGene –…


  • Christoph Lange
  • Dandi Qiao

Eliminating the bottleneck in WiFi networks: New protocol delivers order-of-magnitude increase in performance

Have you ever been to a very busy coffee shop, hotel lobby or conference and been unable to access WiFi? Wi-Fi networks based on the 802.11 set of standards are pervasive, but have a fundamental performance bottleneck that limits the practical…


  • Hsiang-Tsung Kung
  • Tsung-Han Lin


  • Hanspeter Pfister
  • Moritz Baecher
  • Doug James
  • Bernd Bickel


  • Gu-Yeon Wei
  • David Brooks
  • Simone Campanoni
  • Kevin Brownell
  • Svilen Kanev

COSMOS workflow management version 0.4.3

Written in Python which is easy to learn, powerful, and popular. A programmer with limited experience can begin writing COSMOS workflows right away.Powerful syntax and system for the creation of complex workflows.Keeps track of workflows, job…


  • Dennis Wall
  • Erik Gafni
  • Peter Tonellato

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