Diamond Color Center-Based FM Radio Demodulator

Detection of frequency-modulated (FM) microwave is crucial for low-noise FM spectroscopy and wireless communications. A major limitation of approaches based on conventional semiconductor fabrication is acceptable operation in extreme environments. This invention is based on the Loncar Lab’s extensive work in using nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond as a platform. It is a diamond color center-based FM radio demodulator, which works at temperature up to 600 K and pressure of up to 60 GPa . It consists of a microwave FM demodulator, which converts the FM microwave signal to intensity-modulated fluorescence. The lab has implemented an FM radio receiver with carrier frequency in S band and signal cutoff frequency of 56 kHz, which is well suited for high-quality voice or music radio. This technology has the promise of being extended to color centers in diamond such as silicon-vacancy, which has the potential to extend the frequency bands to the THz range, opening a new set of applications.

U.S. Patent(s) Issued: WO/2017/189113