Emerging Startup

Wearables for Augmented Performance

Soft wearable exosuit

A startup from Conor Walsh's lab intends to develop soft wearable exosuits, aiming to improve worker productivity and mitigate the risk of injury. (Image credit: Harvard Wyss Institute.)

In a wide range of industries, workers perform strenuous, repetitive tasks that can be fatiguing and increase the risk of injury. Tasks such as lifting repetitively, lifting heavy loads, transporting equipment and materials over long distances, and holding various postures for long periods are particularly problematic, with back injuries being the single greatest cause of nonfatal injuries and illnesses resulting in lost workdays. The robotic apparel, developed originally in the Walsh Harvard Biodesign Lab, is a lightweight, textile-based wearable robot with integrated sensing and actuation that can be seamlessly integrated to unload the targeted joint during activities that strain the body.

Verve Motion develops robotic apparel, a wearable assistive device that enhances performance and protects the occupational health of workers. Their integrated technology is intended to be worn like conventional clothing and be non-restrictive.

Intellectual Property Status: Patent(s) Pending