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Emerging Startup

Wearables for Augmented Performance

Soft wearable exosuit

A startup emerging from Conor Walsh's lab intends to develop soft wearable exosuits, aiming to improve worker productivity and mitigate the risk of injury. (Image credit: Harvard Wyss Institute.)

In a wide range of industries, workers perform strenuous tasks such as lifting repetitively, transporting equipment, and holding postures for prolonged periods, leading to lost productivity, fatigue, injuries, and challenges in worker retention. SuitUp, a startup emerging from Conor Walsh's Harvard Biodesign Lab, focuses on augmenting human performance with soft, wearable solutions that are lightweight and affordable and can be worn like clothing. The startup’s founding team has 35+ years of collective experience in integrating robotics technology into functional apparel. SuitUp is currently launching pilots with manufacturing and logistics industry partners to test a first product, a lightweight wearable system that assists the wearer’s back, with the aim of mitigating risk of injury and improving worker productivity.