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March 26, 2014

OTD Connects with Sponsored Research Administrators via new REACH Advanced Program

The Research Excellence in Administration Certificate at Harvard (REACH) Program is an interactive and engaging certificate program specifically designed for Harvard research administrators and other personnel engaged in assisting in the management of sponsored funds. Last fall, the program expanded to include REACH Advanced to help foster critical thinking and leadership development. As a part of the new advanced curriculum, OTD developed its own course, Working Strategically with OTD, in an effort to promote the continued development of sponsored research administrators.

On March 26, members of the OTD team came and shared their expertise across a broad range of topics:

  • Julie Hamill, Alliance Manager
  • Meghan Fenno, Director of Technology Transactions
  • Kristin Collins, Sponsored Research Administrator
  • Sam Liss, Director of Business Development

Outlining the crucial role IP plays throughout all functions of OTD, attendees learned how their role as administrators can be critical to helping their PI secure industry funding, protect IP and take their research to the next level. Learn more about REACH advanced.

Press Contact

Caroline Perry, (617) 495-4157

Press Contact

Caroline Perry
(617) 495-4157