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Biomedical Informatics Entrepreneurs Salon: Jennifer Chayes, Microsoft Research

March 29th, 2017 ~ 12:30pm - 02:30pm

Waterhouse Faculty Room (Room 106), Gordon Hall, 25 Shattuck Street, Boston 02115

A monthly conversation about medicine, biology, computers, entrepreneurship, and pizza. Featuring Jennifer Chayes of Microsoft Research.

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Jennifer ChayesJennifer Chayes is Distinguished Scientist and Managing Director at Microsoft Research. She cofounded Microsoft Research in New England and New York City, bringing together computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, social scientists, and biologists, and helping to lay the foundations of data science.

Among Chayes’ contributions to Microsoft technologies are the development of methods to analyze the structure and behavior of various networks, the design of auction algorithms, and the design and analysis of various business models for the online world. She is the co-author of about 130 scientific papers and the co-inventor of about 30 patents. For many years, she was Professor of Mathematics at UCLA. Her first postdoctoral position was at Harvard.

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Press Contact: Kirsten Mabry | (617) 495-4157

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