Benchtop Innovation Showcase

Apply by June 11 to participate in this event highlighting Harvard research techniques, assays, protocols, reagents and tools

Global Impact on Science

Your innovation might help others advance their own research. X

Advancing Precision Genetic Medicine

Startup license to Beam opens up a range of human genetic conditions to therapeutic promise of genome editing

Game-changing Innovation

The base editing technologies were invented by Prof. David Liu and visionary postdocs and students in his Harvard lab X

Envisioning the Future of Food and Sleep

Guppy Tank event connects life-science innovators with industry veterans

Fishing for Advice

Guppy Tank enables faculty to get strategic guidance from a rotating panel of industry experts. X

Cancer Vaccine Technology Moves Ahead

License and collaboration agreement with Novartis aims to advance treatment into clinical development

Platform for Immunotherapy

The biomaterial-based cancer vaccine technology promotes anti-cancer immunity. X

Power Boost For Mobile Technologies

Boréas Technologies launches out of Harvard to help electronics companies cross the next sensory frontier

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

"If you have a unique technology, there is opportunity," says Prof. Gu-Yeon Wei. X

Seeding Startups

OTD welcomes entrepreneurs-in-residence to Harvard research labs

Experienced Input

EIRs take a systematic approach to turn a stunning innovation into a transformative business plan. X