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Find the advice you need.

Venture capitalists, executives and legal experts are just a phone call away

Our network of Experts in Residence (XIRs) offers a powerful resource for Harvard innovators working to commercialize a technology, navigating the launch of a startup, or seeking corporate partners.

Our XIRs have a wealth of experience in: company formation and leadership, intellectual property strategy, legal transactions, product development, regulatory affairs, marketing, corporate partnerships, and much more!

To engage with an XIR, simply contact us at OTD, and if we can't answer your questions ourselves, we will promptly set up a phone call.

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Alternatively — or additionally — if you're looking for in-depth, ongoing guidance on launching a startup, consider meeting with one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs).

Meet Our XIRs

Peter Barrett 400sm 282 282

Peter Barrett, PhD

Partner, Atlas Venture

Peter Barrett is an Executive Fellow at Harvard Business School and faculty chair of the key advisory board of the Blavatnik Fellowship. He is also Partner at Atlas Venture...

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Kevin Bitterman 400sm 282 282

Kevin Bitterman

Partner, Atlas Venture

Kevin Bitterman focuses on creating and investing in companies that translate groundbreaking science into innovative medicines. Kevin serves on the boards of Akero Therapeutics and Navitor Pharmaceuticals. He was the founding CEO of Editas Medicine...

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Alexis Borisy 400sm 282 282

Alexis Borisy

Partner, Third Rock Ventures

Alexis Borisy is a successful biotechnology entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience building and operating innovative science-based organizations...

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Laura Brass 400sm 282 282

Laura Brass

Senior Investment Partner, Novartis Venture Fund

Dr. Laura Brass is a senior investment partner at NVF in Cambridge, Mass. Prior to joining NVF, Laura was a Managing Director at MPM Capital...

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Jeff Bussgang 400sm 282 282

Jeff Bussgang

General Partner, Flybridge

Jeff is a General Partner at Flybridge Capital Partners. His investment interests and entrepreneurial experience are in blockchain, consumer, e-commerce...

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Chang Hemmie 400sm 282 282

Hemmie Chang

Partner, Foley Hoag

As Chair of Foley Hoag's Licensing & Strategic Alliances Practice, partner Hemmie Chang regularly handles high profile intellectual property matters...

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Ann De Witt 282sm

Ann DeWitt

General Partner, The Engine

Ann is a General Partner on the investment team at The Engine. Ann was most recently at Sanofi, where she held senior roles...

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Dave fallace 400sm 282 282

David Fallace

Advisor, Polaris Partners

David is an advisor in the Boston office at Polaris Partner and splits his efforts with founders focused on healthcare, information technology, and biotechnology...

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Bill Geary 400sm 282 282

Bill Geary

General Partner and Co-founder, Flare Capital Partners

Bill is a General Partner and cofounder of Flare Capital Partners, a team of proven healthcare technology venture capital investors delivering strategic industry resources, experience and insight to partnering entrepreneurs...

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Jodi Gernon 400sm 282 282

Jodi Gernon

Director, Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, Harvard Business School

The Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School champions entrepreneurship at HBS and works closely with faculty, students and alumni of HBS to foster entrepreneurship...

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Francesca Gino 400sm 282 282

Franceca Gino

Professor, Harvard University

Francesca Gino is the Tandon Family Professor of Business Administration in the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets Unit at Harvard Business School...

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Michael Gladstone 400sm 282 282

Michael Gladstone

Principal, Atlas Venture

Michael Gladstone is a Principal at Atlas Venture, a leading biotech venture capital firm. Michael was a member of the founding teams of several Atlas-originated companies...

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Maia Harris 400sm 282 282

Maia Harris

Partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP

Maia H. Harris is a partner at the law firm of Pepper Hamilton LLP, where she focuses her practice on intellectual property issues including licensing and counseling...

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Rosana Kapeller 400sm 282 282

Rosana Kapeller

Entrepreneur in Residence, GV

Rosana Kapeller is an Entrepreneur in Residence at GV, focused on the intersection of therapeutics and machine learning. She brings over 25 years of scientific leadership and entrepreneurial experience to her role...

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Sophie Kornowski 400sm 282 282

Sophie Kornowski

Senior Partner, Gurnet Point Capital

Dr. Sophie Kornowski joined Gurnet Point Capital in 2018 from Roche, a leading healthcare company based in Switzerland, where she was Executive Vice-President, global Head of Partnering...

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Kutsovsky v2 400sm 282 282

Yakov Kutsovsky

CSO and Vice President of R&D, Cabot

Yakov Kutsovsky is Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President of Research and Development (R&D) of Cabot. Previously, he served for 12 years as Cabot Chief Technology Officer...

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Bill Marino.

Bill Marino

Senior Product Manager, Adobe

The founding CEO at Uru (acquired by Adobe), Bill now serves as Senior Product Manager in Applied Science and Machine Learning...

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Ellie Mc Guire 400sm 282 282

Ellie McGuire

Partner, LS Polaris Innovation Fund

Ellie McGuire is a Partner of the LS Polaris Innovation Fund. She has held leadership and consulting positions in business development, operations, and strategy in multiple life science companies...

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Terry Mc Guire 400sm 282 282

Terry McGuire

Partner, Polaris Partners

Terry McGuire is a founding partner of Polaris Partners and has 30+ years of successful early-stage investing experience in healthcare and technology companies. As a venture capitalist...

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Chrissy Meyer 400sm 282 282

Chrissy Meyer

Partner, Root Ventures

Chrissy has spent the past decade taking hardware products from early concept through high-volume production. After getting her MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, she led several projects at Apple and Square...

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Mark Nardone 400sm 282 282

Mark Nardone

Executive Vice President, PAN Communications

Mark Nardone is the Executive Vice President of PAN Communications with 25+ years of experience in marketing and PR. He oversees the firm’s strategic direction across brand marketing and business development efforts...

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Eric Paley 400sm 282 282

Eric Paley

Partner, Founder Collective

Eric Paley is a Partner at Founder Collective, a seed-stage venture capital fund located in Cambridge, MA and New York...

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Andy Payne2 400sm 282 282

Andy Payne

Angel investor, entrepreneur

Andrew Payne is an experienced angel investor, executive, inventor and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience building software businesses...

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Michal Preminger 400sm 282 282

Michal Preminger

Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, East North America

Michal is Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, East North America. In this role, she leads the innovation center team, located in Boston, to build, advance, and manage the External R&D portfolio of co-investments...

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Stan Reiss 400sm 282 282

Stan Reiss

General Partner, Matrix Partners

As a general partner at Matrix, Stan focuses on early-stage investments across technology sectors and works with companies including Hyper9 (acquired by Solarwinds), QPID Health (acquired by eviCore)...

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David Resnick 400sm 282 282

David Resnick

Partner, Nixon Peabody LLP

David Resnick is a partner in the Intellectual Property practice at Nixon Peabody. He works with both startup and established life sciences companies, as well as major U.S. research institutions...

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Carmichael Roberts 282sm

Carmichael Roberts

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Material Impact

Carmichael Roberts, PhD, is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Material Impact, a fund that seeks out transformative technologies and builds them into enduring companies that solve real-world problems...

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Michael Schrader 400sm 282 282

Michael Schrader

CEO and Co-founder, Vaxess Technologies

Michael Schrader is the founding CEO of Vaxess, a Gates Foundation– and VC-backed company bringing healthcare out of the clinic and into patients’ lives, whether at home or around the world...

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Amy Schulman 400sm 282 282

Amy Schulman

Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

Amy Schulman is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School where she teaches Legal and Corporate Accountability. Ms. Schulman joined Polaris Partners in 2014, simultaneously assuming the role of CEO of Arsia Therapeutics...

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Manny Stockman 400sm 282 282

Manny Stockman

Principal, Osage University Partners

At OUP, Manny Stockman invests exclusively in startups that have been spun out by university academics. His interests stretch across a broad area of technology from computing to enterprise software...

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Steve Tregay 400sm 282 282

Steve Tregay

Founder, President, and CEO, FORMA Therapeutics

Steven Tregay is the Founder, President and CEO of FORMA Therapeutics, based in Watertown, MA and Branford, CT. Prior to founding FORMA, Dr. Tregay was a Managing Director...

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David Walt 400sm 282 282

David Walt

Professor, Harvard University

Dr. Walt is an internationally recognized expert in nanoscience and diagnostics and has invented numerous transformative technologies that have led to major commercial successes including Illumina and Quanterix...

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Stacie Weninger 400sm 282 282

Stacie Weninger

President of FBRI at F-Prime Capital Partners

Stacie Weninger is the President of FBRI. Prior to this position, she was the Senior Director of Science Programs for the Fidelity Foundations...

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Russ Wilcox 400sm 282 282

Russ Wilcox

General Partner, Pillar VC

Russ Wilcox is a general partner at Pillar VC, where he invests in Boston-based seed stage companies related to software, IoT, digital health, quantum computing, home construction, robotics, agriculture and biology...

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Krishna yeshwant 400sm 282 282

Krishna Yeshwant

General Partner, GV

Dr. Krishna Yeshwant is a physician, programmer, and entrepreneur who has been working with GV since its inception. He first joined Google as part of the New Business Development team...

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New XIRs are continually joining our network. To inquire about joining the program, please contact us.