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Faculty & Inventors

From idea to impact: Achieve your vision

Harvard's research enterprise is a wellspring of innovation with the potential to improve lives, transform industries, and create tremendous social and economic value. We're here to help make that happen.  

Faculty Resources:

Report an innovation, request an MTA, or access the Inventor Portal.

  • Working with our office

    Your primary point of contact in OTD will be a member of our business development team whose technical and industry experience aligns with your research. He or she will develop a keen understanding of your laboratory’s research program and will create a plan to advance and commercialize key projects and technologies.

    Depending on your needs, such a plan might include industry funding, IP management, accelerator funding, licensing, venture creation, transactional support, and/or guidance on policy and compliance.

    Meet the Team
  • What's the best pathway to realize the full commercial impact of your idea? Our team engages with you to answer this question. We formulate a hypothesis and then test it in the marketplace, by talking with potential customers, companies, and VCs.

    Sam T. Liss

    Director of Business Development, Physical Sciences