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Harvard Grid's Lab-to-Launch Lounge (9/14/23)

September 14th, 2023 ~ 04:00pm - 06:00pm

The Node (Rm. 2.203), 150 Western Ave, Boston, MA 02134, USA

Join us this week as we sit down with Miriam Huntley, PhD, CTO and Co-Founder of Day Zero Diagnostics and Deepti Singh, PhD, Founder and CSO of InGel Therapeutics.

The Lab-to-Launch Lounge (LLL) series brings Harvard graduate students in CxO roles back to campus to hear how they launched their research out from Harvard labs:

  • how did they get here
  • what would they do differently--and what they would not do at all--if a student again
  • anything else on your mind

Join the discussion, meet fun people, grab a bite, and leave with new ideas. Open to the Harvard community.



Miriam Huntley is the CTO and a Co-Founder of Day Zero Diagnostics, a Boston-based genomics startup that was spun out of Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. Day Zero Diagnostics is pioneering a new class of infectious disease diagnostics using whole-genome sequencing and machine learning to develop a rapid and comprehensive diagnostic for bacterial infections. As CTO of the company Miriam leads the development of machine learning and computational biology methods for pathogen genomic data analysis. Through her work at Day Zero, Miriam has been honored as a TedMed Hive Innovator and a MedTech Boston 40 Under 40 Healthcare Innovator. Miriam earned her BSc from MIT in Physics and her PhD in Applied Math at Harvard University.

Deepti Singh is Founder and CSO of InGel Therapeutics, has extensive experience in the study of cellular mechanisms underlying retinal degenerative diseases. With a Ph.D. in Biogenetics and post-doctoral training from Yale school of Medicine and Harvard Medical school Dr. Singh has a strong background in stem cell biology, Dr. Singh has contributed significantly to the understanding of the cellular pathways involved in retinal diseases. Throughout her career, Dr. Singh has published over 74 papers in top-tier scientific journals, including Nature Communications, Science Advances, and Cell Reports. Her work has focused on elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying cellular dysfunction in retinal diseases, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and retinitis pigmentosa. Dr. Singh's expertise in cellular biology has also led to the filing of 7 international patents related to the development of novel therapies for retinal diseases. She is leveraging her extensive experience in cell biology to develop a novel therapy for RP and AMD along with other retinal diseases. Her work focus on identifying metabolic dysfunctions and potential therapeutic targets using patient-derived iPSC-RPE cells and in vivo models of retinal degeneration.

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Press Contact: Kirsten Mabry | (617) 495-4157

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