Multi-axis force sensing soft artificial skin

With rapid growth in key segments such as robotics and wearable computing. Sensors are one of the critical areas of need. The soft sensor IP developed in the Wood Lab consists of stretchable sensors that register deformation and surface pressure. This invention adds the capability of measuring shear, greatly adding to the utility of the soft sensor portfolio. The primary innovation is the use of embedded, rigid plastic "joysticks" into a soft, stretchable elastomer that has micro-channels of conducting fluid. The resulting structure is a unique material that can be integrated into a variety of existing products to measure shear. A major advantage of this invention is the hyper-elasticity of the underlying elastomer. It allows for mechanical durability, is highly stretchable, flexible and deformable, on flat or curved surfaces. The soft sensor portfolio provides for the ability to measure pressure, curvature and now shear, in a soft, highly stretchable/deformable elastomer material.

U.S. Patent(s) Issued: US9797791B2