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Wearables to Monitor Strength Training

The ability to track and monitor one’s own exercise routine is fundamental to assessing overall fitness and supporting a healthy lifestyle. While conventional fitness wearables typically capture metrics relating to cardio output, researchers in the…


  • Conor Walsh

Stick-on Large-Strain Sensors for Soft Robots

Soft robots require sensors that are soft, stretchable, and conformable to preserve their adaptivity and safety. This technology provides “stick-on” large-strain sensors for soft robots and enables novel functionality for wearable robots, serving as…


  • Robert Howe
  • Zhigang Suo
  • Canhui Yang
  • Sibo Cheng
  • Yashraj Narang

Compact, broadband meta-surface spectrometer

Meta-surfaces, planar arrays of subwavelength-spaced optical elements that modulate incident light, are poised to revolutionize the field of optics. Traditional optical elements are produced by labor-intensive glass molding techniques, and often…


  • Federico Capasso
  • Mohammadreza Khorasaninejad
  • Wei-Ting Chen
  • Jaewon Oh
  • Alexander Zhu
  • Muhammad Zaidi
  • Robert Devlin

Stretchable ionics: Layered electrolytes and dielectrics as high-speed, transparent artificial muscles

A new class of soft, stretchable materials can be utilized as a sensor or high-speed actuator. This invention incorporates a simple and low-cost design that can be made fully transparent, highly stretchable, biocompatible and biodegradable. Thus it…


  • Zhigang Suo
  • Jeong-Yun Sun
  • Christoph Keplinger
  • George Whitesides

Multi-axis force sensing soft artificial skin

With rapid growth in key segments such as robotics and wearable computing. Sensors are one of the critical areas of need. The soft sensor IP developed in the Wood Lab consists of stretchable sensors that register deformation and surface pressure.…


  • Robert Wood
  • Daniel Vogt
  • Yong Park

Modular millimeter-scale distal force sensor, based on pop-up fabrication

The ability to measure force is a critical need in small-scale systems. This invention is a low-cost force sensor that operates over a force range of 0-200 mN, with a sensitivity of 5 V/N and a resolution of 0.8 mN. Key advantages over competing…


  • Conor Walsh
  • Joshua Gafford
  • Robert Wood

Wearable gait analysis system for measuring overstriding in runners

Roughly 50% of the 20 million active runners in the United States are injured each year, with overstriding being a major cause. Proper gait is essential to minimizing the risk of injury, but perfecting it requires constant monitoring of one's…


  • Conor Walsh
  • Panagiotis Polygerinos
  • Daniel Lieberman
  • Stephanie Liu

Strong and flexible hydrogels below water freezing temperature

Hydrogels are highly absorbent gels in which the swelling agent is water. They’re used in a wide range of biomedical and commercial applications, such as tissue engineering, wound healing, cell culture, contact lenses, and disposable diapers. This…


  • Joost Vlassak
  • Widusha Illeperuma
  • Zhigang Suo

Origami-inspired, versatile fabrication of millimeter-scale mechanical devices

The fabrication of mechanical devices on the millimeter scale is a critical capability for autonomous microrobots and micromanipulation devices, and is important to manufacture active components in optical switches and smart antennas. However,…


  • Robert Wood
  • Pratheev Sreetharan
  • John Whitney

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