Emerging Startup

Wearables to Monitor Strength Training

WurQ prototypes.

A startup emerging from the lab of Conor Walsh intends to commercialize wearable devices to help a user monitor their strength training. (Image courtesy of Dmitry Popov.)

The ability to track and monitor one’s own exercise routine is fundamental to assessing overall fitness and supporting a healthy lifestyle. While conventional fitness wearables typically capture metrics relating to cardio output, researchers in the Harvard Biodesign Lab, led by Conor Walsh, have developed a wearable device that is capable of monitoring strength training by identifying and measuring weight exercise routines. The research team has developed unique wearable technologies, incorporating artificial intelligence, that output an individualized strength score to the wearer during a wide range of strength training modalities to help manage individualized performance goals and assess progress. A startup emerging from the lab, called WurQ, intends to commercialize this technology to help maintain and augment users’ strength training habits via an interactive experience.