Seeding Startups

OTD welcomes entrepreneurs-in-residence to Harvard research labs

Experienced Input

EIRs take a systematic approach to turn a stunning innovation into a transformative business plan. X

Accelerating Innovation

Harvard FUSION symposium tackles antibiotic resistance from diverse perspectives in science and business


Scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, and innovators of all types gathered on campus in October. X

New Alliance Supports Biomedical Research

Agreement with Servier supports collaborative research in a range of therapeutic areas

Productive Partnerships

3-year strategic research alliance will support multiple, multi-year research projects. X

Programmers At Play

Cambridge-based startup licenses Root, an interactive, remote-controlled robot to teach coding in the classroom

Driving Engagement

Root’s interface is designed to pique the interest of students at all levels. X

Seeking Better Cancer Treatments

Two Harvard scientists to receive $4.5M support for research connecting the microbiome with oncology

Improving Outcomes

The missing ingredients for cancer immunotherapy may be found in the gut. X