Solving an Agricultural Challenge

Successful demonstration of protein evolution technology helps tackle pesticide resistance

Health Care Applications

The PACE platform could also accelerate the discovery of new therapeutic proteins. X

Reimagining Women's Health

Two Harvard-trained researchers are developing a smart tampon system to monitor health and fertility

Privacy and Agency

Ridhi Tariyal, MBA '09, and Stephen Gire want to put actionable health information into women’s hands, before it's too late. X

Advancing Cancer Treatment

Major license agreement with Merck advances novel compounds developed through Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator

Much-Needed Therapy

The collaboration with Merck aims to address acute myeloid leukemia, the most common form of acute leukemia. (Image credit: NCI.) X

Leading Through Impact

For Harvard computer scientists, entrepreneurship is often a fulfilling extension of cutting-edge research

Solving Problems

Research led to new machine learning software that "caught fire in the community in a way we didn’t expect,” says Prof. Ryan Adams, pictured at far left. X

Shaping the Future

Two emerging life-science ventures draw a crowd and elicit substantive expert feedback at OTD's new “Guppy Tank” event series

New Event Series

“We’re bringing the audience to our bench, to our early science, to our questions and our challenges," said Grant Zimmermann, OTD. X