Harvard University Office of Technology Development

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Enabling a Wave of Tech Startups

“The Accelerator bridges the gap between an academic research project and what's required for a startup to successfully raise capital.”

Robert D. Howe

Abbott and James Lawrence Professor of Engineering, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences X
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Creating Potent Alliances with Industry

“These are inflection points that can change the course of patient care.”

Min Dong

Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology and Immunobiology, Harvard Medical School X
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Revolutionizing 3-D Printing

“It's very exciting to have the opportunity to see your ideas translate out of the lab beyond just research papers into something that really has impact on people's daily lives.”

Jennifer A. Lewis

Hansjörg Wyss Professor of Biologically Inspired Engineering at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She is also a Core Faculty Member at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard X
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Working With Our Team

“The most basic part of what we do is to really understand what's happening in the lab. What sort of research is going on, what's really important to the faculty member, and what they are trying to achieve. That's the starting point.”

Sam T. Liss

Director of Business Development, Physical Science Group.
Sam has an electrical engineering background, and has worked in both startups and established tech companies in the software, semiconductor, and telecomm sectors
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Technology Development

“OTD provides the support and expertise needed to help inventors maximize their discoveries so they can have a large societal impact.”

Isaac T. Kohlberg

Senior Associate Provost and Chief Technology Development Officer of Harvard University. Mr. Kohlberg is responsible for the strategic management and commercial development of all technologies and intellectual property arising from Harvard University’s research enterprise. X

Connecting Innovators with Industry


Faculty, Inventors

1. Protect Your Discovery
The first step in realizing the value of your innovation
2. Fund Your Research
Propel your innovation toward commercial maturity
3. Commercialize Your Invention
License your invention or start a new company
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  • 2,400+ reports of innovation
  • 415+ Issued Patents
  • 70+ new companies launched
  • 250+ major IP licensing deals
  • $210M+ in industry-sponsored funding
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Investors, Entrepreneurs

1. Gain Access
Plug into Harvard's innovators and innovations
2. License Technologies
Source technologies with commercial potential and reduced business risk
3. Catalyze a Startup
Invest in breakthrough innovation
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