Sonalee Barthakur

Business Development Manager

Sonalee works with the Business Development team in OTD to evaluate and commercialize life-science technologies developed at Harvard. She has a scientific background in the development of complex, 3D in vitro models for disease mechanism and drug development studies. She was a PhD candidate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, working on developing microfluidic organ-chip systems to study interactions between tumors and their microenvironments. In 2016, she joined Emulate as a scientist and contributed to the development and commercial launch of multiple organ-chips in their product portfolio, and then moved on to a Flagship startup working on developing stem cell-based in vitro models of complex, polygenic diseases. Motivated by the impact of translational research on patient care, Sonalee chose to transition to Business Development and joined OTD in 2021. She holds a master’s degree in physiology and a bachelor’s degree in biology and neuroscience, both from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.