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Healthcare & Life Science Startup Development Workshop: Partnering with Industry

October 19th, 2020 ~ 06:00am - 07:00am

Zoom; register for details

A workshop on determining the collaborations and partnerships that are right for your goals, hosted by Harvard Innovation Labs.

Join Michael Fenn, PhD, and Tory Norris, MBA, as they discuss the when, why, and how around building partnerships and alliances with industry as a startup. Michael and Tory will discuss the different types of common deal structures and outcomes along the "collaboration continuum." They will also explore how to find partners who have the right strategic fit and purpose. They will touch on how to interact with potential partners, when to reach out, the different types of alliances, typical deal structures & terms, what to expect when negotiating and closing a deal, and developing an execution strategy.

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Press Contact: Kirsten Mabry | (617) 495-4157

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