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Access cutting-edge innovation and expertise

OTD has a history of forging mutually beneficial relationships with corporate partners who share our mission of creating value by serving the public good. Our comprehensive approach to technology development and our diverse expertise across the sciences enable us to create custom solutions, helping you connect with the right technologies quickly and efficiently. Opportunities abound at Harvard.  

We’re ready to move quickly:

Whether you’re interested in sponsoring Harvard research, accessing research materials, or exploring licensing opportunities, OTD is here to help.

Working with the Office of Technology Development


    Cut through the noise with a trusted guide from OTD. We’ll pair you with a business development specialist who has deep domain expertise in your area. We’ll help make connections and bring clarity to your search quickly, so you can spend your time focusing on effective solutions.


    We won’t pitch you one-size-fits-all ideas. Our team digs in to understand your unique needs and interests. We’re also transparent about how we operate: View sample agreements.


    We know that harnessing innovation takes time, and we’re in it for the long haul. Ongoing collaboration allows us to work closely with you to strategically adapt and capitalize on new opportunities.