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Managing Director of Business Development, Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator

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Rapid point-of-care COVID-19 detection assay by RT-LAMP

The current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has created an urgent need for rapid point-of-care diagnostic tools. Many of these tests are being developed and are achieving FDA approval. In the face of a sweeping pandemic, assays should require no specialized…


  • Constance L. Cepko

Extracellular vesicles for COVID-19 vaccine development

The laboratory of Quan Lu at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has developed an innovative vaccine platform that features a novel antigen display technology that has been shown to elicit broadly neutralizing antibody responses from…


  • Quan Lu

Self-adjuvanting mRNA platform technology

Researchers in the lab of Prof. George Church at Harvard Medical School have developed a vaccine platform technology that can be applied to fields such as infectious diseases and oncology therapeutics. The team is looking to further demonstrate…


  • George M. Church

Compounds that block human cytomegalovirus by targeting the nuclear egress complex

Researchers in Dr. Donald Coen’s lab have identified molecules that inhibit human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) virion egress from the cell, effectively inhibiting HCMV replication. The team is looking to expand on these findings in collaborations that…


  • Donald M. Coen

Cancer Treatment through TRPA1 antagonism

Researchers in Joan Brugge’s lab have identified a new cancer therapeutic target in the ion channel transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 (TRPA1). The lab is seeking collaborations with industry partners to expand on these exciting findings.The…


  • Joan Brugge

Membrane protein nanoparticles for antigen presentation

Researchers in the lab of Dr. James Chou have engineered a new way to display membrane proteins to enhance vaccine immunogenicity using functionalized nanoparticles. The lab has successfully displayed several viral peptides using this technique and…


  • James J. Chou

Platform for AAV Delivery to Skin

Emerging startup: A platform technology from George Church's lab enables delivery of gene therapy via the skin. (Image credit: Carl Schoellhammer, Denitsa Milanova, Humberto Trevino, Cody Cleveland, Jeff Wyckoff, Anna Mandinova, George Church,…


  • George M. Church

Digital DNA Storage System

A startup emerging from George Church's lab intends to leverage new enzymatic approaches to develop a cost-effective digital DNA storage system. (Image credit: Shutterstock/Chornyi Serhii.)The volume of global digital information is growing…


  • George M. Church

DNA methylation as a predictor of biological age

Reliable indicators of biological age, rather than chronological age, have been investigated for several decades without much success. Recent studies indicate that epigenetic clock is a reliable predictor of biological age, given its strong…


  • Liming Liang

Novel platform for rapid, immunization-free nanobody discovery

This is a novel platform technology that can be used to expedite the development of nanobodies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications by avoiding the need for animal immunization.Nanobodies are single-domain antibodies derived from camelids…


  • Andrew Kruse

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