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Novel Biochemical and Computational Approaches to Increase Mass Spectrometry Sensitivity

Mass spectrometry (MS) has become the leading protein identification technique. Current mass spectrometry methods rely on tandem MS/MS detection, where a prepared peptide digestion sample is injected into the mass spectrometer and analyzed by its…


  • Marc Kirschner
  • Mingjie Dai

Oral delivery of biologics

Biologics are used to treat a variety of chronic diseases including diabetes and arthritis. Not surprisingly, they command a large share of the therapeutics market. Moreover, a large number of therapeutic proteins are currently in clinical…


  • Samir Mitragotri

Hyperpolarized contrast agents for MRI with long relaxation times

When the nuclear orientation of a material is hyperpolarized by techniques such as dynamic nuclear polarization, these materials can function as extremely effective contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In most cases, however, the…


  • Charles Marcus

Multi-color electron microscopy enabled by nanoparticle cathodoluminescence

Tunable cathodoluminescent nanoparticles enable the acquisition of images with both molecular specificity and nanoscale resolution, in a single instrument. Multi-color images can be generated by irradiating nanodiamonds which have been tuned to emit…


  • Ronald Walsworth
  • Jeffrey Lichtman
  • Narayanan Kasthuri
  • David Glenn
  • Huiliang Zhang
  • Richard Schalek

A novel and effective technology for target-based screening

Target-based screening allows for rapid identification of ligands for an increasing number of macromolecular targets and is commonly used in drug discovery.The present invention uses interaction-dependent PCR (IDPCR) to selectively identify…


  • David Liu
  • Christoph Dumelin
  • David Gorin
  • Lynn McGregor

Photostick: Physical isolation of single cells from tissue, for further propagation and single cell sequencing and omics

Photostick enables the physical selection of single cells from large populations in diverse environments. The novel process entails photochemical immobilization of live cells with patterned illumination, followed by removal of unwanted cells with…


  • Adam Cohen
  • Miao-Ping Chien

SPECT diagnostic agents for Parkinson’s Disease and ADHD

The Harvard research team has over two decades of experience in the design and synthesis of molecules that target monoamine uptake potently and selectively. The class of compounds utilized for the design of the subject SPECT agents is the…


  • Bertha Madras
  • Paul Blundell
  • Alan Fischman
  • Peter Meltzer
  • Alun Jones
  • Ashfaq Mahmood

Robust fluorescent probes allow sensitive detection of small molecules

The invention is an efficient method to synthesize novel silver nanoparticles with bright fluorescence and a giant Raman enhancement effect. These particles, 2 – 20 nm in diameter, exhibit a highly multi-domain structure with grain sizes down to 1…


  • Xiaowei Zhuang
  • Jie Zheng

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