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Scalable method for manufacture of thin film photovoltaic devices

Photovoltaic devices based on perovskites hold the potential of thin, light structures and very high efficiencies. However, the instability of perovskites in air leads to very short device lifetimes (on the order of hours), and thus silicone-based…


  • Roy Gordon
  • Christina Chang
  • Luke Davis

Multifunctional nanofiber materials for mechanical and thermal protection

Protective equipment provides safety for users from hazardous conditions; however, the equipment and the materials that it's made from are usually designed to protect against a single threat. When an operator needs protection from different hazard…


  • Kevin Parker
  • Grant Gonzalez
  • John Zimmerman

Electrically Controlled, Shape Morphing Dielectric Elastomer Devices

Soft materials, such as elastomers, can be used as actuators and provide much larger dimensional changes, compared to piezoelectric and electrostrictive materials. However, these dimensional changes in elastomers do not result in more complex shape…


  • David Clarke
  • Ehsan Hajiesmaili

Stick-on Large-Strain Sensors for Soft Robots

Soft robots require sensors that are soft, stretchable, and conformable to preserve their adaptivity and safety. This technology provides “stick-on” large-strain sensors for soft robots and enables novel functionality for wearable robots, serving as…


  • Robert Howe
  • Zhigang Suo
  • Canhui Yang
  • Sibo Cheng
  • Yashraj Narang

Promising new hand disinfection technology to eliminate pathogens

Pathogens found in the air and on surfaces present a massive global health challenge, threating human health and food security. With the increased prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the use of harmful chemicals in typical…


  • Philip Demokritou
  • Georgios Pyrgiotakis
  • Joseph Brain
  • Nachiket Vaze
  • Mary Eleftheriadou

Integrated mounting solution for solid state spin sensors used for bulk detection and imaging

Sensors based on solid state spin system for measuring magnetic fields, electric fields, temperature, pressure, and other physical quantities can offer high resolution sensing at low cost and low power input. These systems employ point defects in…


  • Ronald Walsworth
  • Matthew Turner
  • John Barry
  • Jennifer Schloss

Enhanced solid state spin magnetometer sensitivity using spin bath control and differential double quantum measurement

Nitrogen vacancy (NV) diamond solid-state spin systems are highly useful for quantum sensing, however, improving the sensitivity is essential to realizing their potential applications. DC magnetic field sensitivity is typically limited by dephasing…


  • Ronald Walsworth
  • Connor Hart
  • Erik Bauch
  • Matthew Turner
  • Jennifer Schloss
  • John Barry

Printing Microparticles for Drug Delivery

A startup emerging from Jennifer Lewis' lab intends to commercialize a technology platform that can produce microdroplets of highly viscous fluids, with applications in drug formulation and delivery. (Image courtesy of the Lewis Lab.)Droplet-based…


  • Jennifer Lewis

Innovative Ear Tube Implants for Improved Drug Delivery

Emerging startup: A company emerging from Joanna Aizenberg’s lab aims to advance the treatment of ear infections with minimally invasive ear tube implants. (Image credit: Aizenberg Lab.) Each year, more than 700,000 children in the United States…


  • Joanna Aizenberg

Mechanically-induced regeneration

Skeletal muscle and satellite cells are sensitive to biophysical and microenvironmental cues, and there is evidence that physical manipulation of damaged muscle may promote recovery. David Mooney’s lab has used biphasic ferrogel scaffolds to create…


  • David Mooney

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