Slowing down light for enhanced detection and measurement of biomolecules

The photonic crystal device is a novel method for localizing and trapping light, where the light can be utilized for a wide-variety of chemical, biological, and optical applications. Traditional chemical and biological optical sensors are limited by the very short interaction time between the analyte and the sensor. By using a photonic crystal device to slow down, trap, or localize light, the interaction time with the molecules can be greatly extended, allowing for high-sensitivity detection and measurement. The invention is compatible with other micro- and nano-scale technologies such as microfluidics, quantum dots, nanotubes, fluorescent molecules, and others. The photonic crystal devices also enable nanoscale lasers with extremely high resonances that can be integrated with waveguides, optical fibers, and other devices for electronic and photonic information processing.


Allows for optical sensing and chemical and biological detection using extremely small and highly-sensitive devices. Also allows for fabrication of exceptionally small lasers for applications in displays and telecommunications, quantum optical devices, and barcoding.

U.S. Patent(s) Issued: US8701998B2