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Achromatic multi-zone metalens for AR/VR systems

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) hardware is composed of optical elements, displays, sensors and electronics. Optics in particular are highly important to the quality and experience of AR/VR, and classical optical devices impose…


  • Federico Capasso

An achromatic and polarization-insensitive metalens for compact optics

Metasurfaces are a type of flat optics that leverage subwavelength features to control light. Metalenses, a type of metasurface, have emerged as a breakthrough technology to enable compact and efficient optical devices, whereas classical optical…


  • Federico Capasso
  • Wei-Ting Chen
  • Alexander Zhu

Quantum Metrology based on Strongly Correlated Matter

Sensors using individual atomic defects in diamond have revolutionized local magnetic sensing. This technology is based on the insight that higher densities of defects can produce more sensitive detectors. However, at very high densities,…


  • Mikhail Lukin
  • Norman Yao
  • Soonwon Choi

Quantum memory using silicon-vacancy centers in diamond

In the field of diamond-defect-based quantum information processing, electron spins at defect sites sit within a diamond spin-vacuum and external interface is enabled via photon emission. In comparison to nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond,…


  • Mikhail Lukin
  • Denis Sukachev
  • Christian Nguyen
  • Mirir Bhaskar
  • Alp Sipahigil
  • Ruffin Evans

Widely tunable submillimeter wavelength molecular laser optically pumped by a quantum cascade laser

Researchers from Federico Capasso’s lab along with collaborators from MIT and the US Army have developed a compact, tunable laser source for terahertz frequencies, a largely untapped region of the electromagnetic spectrum with exciting applications…


  • Federico Capasso
  • Paul Chevalier
  • Arman Amirzhan
  • Marco Piccardo

Graphene device for terahertz wave generation - opportunities for next gen medical imaging

Terahertz (THz) waves are a desirable source for non-invasive imaging for medical and security purposes, as they are non-ionizing and do not damage tissues. However, generation of THz radiation is significantly more challenging than generating…


  • Mikhail Lukin
  • Bo Dwyer
  • Trond Andersen
  • Javier Sanchez-Yamagishi
  • Hongkun Park
  • Philip Kim
  • Eugene Demler
  • Kartiek Agarwal

Compact, broadband meta-surface spectrometer

Meta-surfaces, planar arrays of subwavelength-spaced optical elements that modulate incident light, are poised to revolutionize the field of optics. Traditional optical elements are produced by labor-intensive glass molding techniques, and often…


  • Federico Capasso
  • Mohammadreza Khorasaninejad
  • Wei-Ting Chen
  • Jaewon Oh
  • Alexander Zhu
  • Muhammad Zaidi
  • Robert Devlin

Stretchable ionics: Layered electrolytes and dielectrics as high-speed, transparent artificial muscles

A new class of soft, stretchable materials can be utilized as a sensor or high-speed actuator. This invention incorporates a simple and low-cost design that can be made fully transparent, highly stretchable, biocompatible and biodegradable. Thus it…


  • Zhigang Suo
  • Jeong-Yun Sun
  • Christoph Keplinger
  • George Whitesides

Modular millimeter-scale distal force sensor, based on pop-up fabrication

The ability to measure force is a critical need in small-scale systems. This invention is a low-cost force sensor that operates over a force range of 0-200 mN, with a sensitivity of 5 V/N and a resolution of 0.8 mN. Key advantages over competing…


  • Conor Walsh
  • Joshua Gafford
  • Robert Wood

Long-range quantum communication based on solid-state photon emitters

Quantum communication holds promise for transmitting secure messages via quantum cryptography, as well as for distributing quantum information. However, attenuation in optical fibers fundamentally limits the range of direct quantum communication…


  • Mikhail Lukin
  • Jacob Taylor
  • Anders Sorensen
  • Lilian Childress

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