Implanted silicon-vacancy centers with coherent optical properties as a quantum computing platform

Atom-like optical emitters in the solid state are a promising platform for future applications in quantum computing, secure communications, and magnetometry. This invention describes a method of using ion implantation to produce silicon-vacancy color centers in diamond. Favorable properties of the system allow proof-of principle demonstrations of quantum information protocols, such as spin-spin entanglement generation and quantum teleportation. Silicon-vacany centers have high brightness, narrowband emission, and a small inhomogeneous distribution. These properties are superior to alternative systems being explored for similar quantum optics applications, such as nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond and semiconductor quantum dots. Additionally, due to ease of fabrication and extreme spectral stability, silicon-vacancy centers can serve as a new workhorse in solid-state quantum optics.

U.S. Patent(s) Issued: 10,734,781