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Novel Biochemical and Computational Approaches to Increase Mass Spectrometry Sensitivity

Mass spectrometry (MS) has become the leading protein identification technique. Current mass spectrometry methods rely on tandem MS/MS detection, where a prepared peptide digestion sample is injected into the mass spectrometer and analyzed by its…


  • Marc Kirschner
  • Mingjie Dai

New Raman Microscopy Technique Accelerates Digital Pathology

Current methods for pathological diagnosis of diseases require laborious and costly sample processing steps and provide inherently qualitative information. Moreover, batch to batch variations in staining intensity results in highly variable images,…


  • Marc Kirschner
  • Seungeun Oh

Deterministic entangled photon pair sources for quantum computing

Quantum entanglement, the non-classical correlation between different subsystems, is a key advantage that quantum computing has over classical computational systems. In quantum communication, entangled photon pairs are a crucial component in…


  • Prineha Narang
  • Derek Wang
  • Tomas Neuman

Self-Designing Approach for Managing Large Datasets

A startup emerging from Stratos Idreos' lab is developing software tools to allow existing applications to perform more than 10 times faster. This startup emerging from Stratos Idreos’ Data Systems Laboratory aims to commercialize a first of its…


  • Stratos Idreos

Digital DNA Storage System

A startup emerging from George Church's lab intends to leverage new enzymatic approaches to develop a cost-effective digital DNA storage system. (Image credit: Shutterstock/Chornyi Serhii.)The volume of global digital information is growing…


  • George Church

Novel Qubit Allocation Algorithm for Quantum Computers

Quantum computers will change the landscape of technology through their capability of solving complex problems that classical computers are unable to solve efficiently. Very soon, quantum computers with 50-100 qubits (intermediate-scale) will be…


  • Prineha Narang
  • Wil Finigan
  • Michael Cubeddu
  • Yudong Cao
  • Thomas Lively

Long-range quantum communication based on solid-state photon emitters

Quantum communication holds promise for transmitting secure messages via quantum cryptography, as well as for distributing quantum information. However, attenuation in optical fibers fundamentally limits the range of direct quantum communication…


  • Mikhail Lukin
  • Jacob Taylor
  • Anders Sorensen
  • Lilian Childress

Using evolutionary coupling methodology and other unique computational biology tools to advance pharmaceutical development

The prediction of drug effects is a long-standing challenge in the biomedical data community and pharmaceutical industry. As new candidate target genes emerge from successful CRISPR and GWAS screens, assessing ‘anti-targets’ and exploiting…


  • Debora Marks

Implanted silicon-vacancy centers with coherent optical properties as a quantum computing platform

Atom-like optical emitters in the solid state are a promising platform for future applications in quantum computing, secure communications, and magnetometry. This invention describes a method of using ion implantation to produce silicon-vacancy…


  • Mikhail Lukin
  • Ruffin Evans
  • Alp Sipahigil

Liquid biopsy-based predictive platform for early cancer detection and drug discovery

Recognition and management of individuals susceptible to disease are critical for patient care. However, identification of these patients is very challenging, especially in oncology. Dr. Peter Park and his group at the Department of Biomedical…


  • Peter Park

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