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We make it easy to collaborate with Harvard researchers.

Every company is unique. That’s why OTD's team of science and business experts will work to understand your interests and quickly develop a proposal to meet your needs. To get a sense of how we operate, see the following sample agreements.

Licensing Agreements

Please click through to view a range of sample license agreements.

Confidentiality Agreements

Harvard and its industry partners typically enter into confidentiality agreements prior to discussing sensitive or proprietary information in connection with a potential license or research collaboration agreement. Below are illustrative examples of a mutual confidential disclosure agreement and one in which only Harvard is providing confidential information.

Sample Confidentiality Agreement (mutual)

Sample Confidentiality Agreement (one-way)

Material Transfer Agreements

Harvard OTD arranges thousands of material transfers each year to facilitate scientific advancement and innovation. The sample agreements below contain terms representative of Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) but are provided for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change.

Sample MTA to Company For Internal Research

Sample Material Evaluation MTA

Note: If you are a Harvard researcher requesting an MTA for incoming or outgoing materials, please continue to use our MTA Submittal Form.

Research Collaboration Agreement

Harvard OTD establishes dozens of fruitful research collaborations between academic scientists and industrial partners every year.

Sample Research Collaboration Agreement

Please note that this sample agreement is provided for illustrative purposes only. It contains terms representative of a basic Research Collaboration Agreement that includes material transfer provisions, but any such agreement will be subject to modifications based on the unique aspects of each collaboration.

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