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August 1st, 2014

July 2014 Patents: Nucleotide Probes, Fluidic Species, and more

George M. Church, Joseph Chou
Methods for making nucleotide probes for sequencing and synthesis: 8,771,950

Compositions and methods for making a plurality of probes for analyzing a plurality of nucleic acid samples are provided. Compositions and methods for analyzing a plurality of nucleic acid samples to obtain sequence information in each nucleic acid sample are also provided.

David A. Weitz, Keunho Ahn
Electronic control of fluidic species: 8,765,485

Various aspects of the present invention relates to the control and manipulation of fluidic species, for example, in microfluidic systems. In one aspect, the invention relates to systems and methods for making droplets of fluid surrounded by a liquid, using, for example, electric fields, mechanical alterations, the addition of an intervening fluid, etc. The invention also relates to systems and methods for fusing droplets according to another aspect of the invention, for example, through charge and/or dipole interactions. In some cases, the fusion of the droplets may initiate or determine a reaction. In still another aspect, the invention relates to systems and methods for sorting droplets, e.g., by causing droplets to move to certain regions within a fluidic system. Examples include using electrical interactions (e.g., charges, dipoles, etc.) or mechanical systems (e.g., fluid displacement) to sort the droplets.

Raj Abhyanker
Geo-spatially constrained private neighborhood social network: 8,775,328

J. Christopher Love, Hidde L. Ploegh, Jehnna Ronan
Screening assays and methods: 8,772,049

David Jonathan Hall
N-time-gate data-type for TPSF-based optical imaging: 8,788,022

Daniel Branton, Jene A. Golovchenko
Electron beam processing with condensed ice: 8,790,863

Xiaoliang Sunney Xie, Christian W. Freudiger, Dan Fu
Laser illumination systems and methods for dual-excitation wavelength non-linear optical microscopy and micro-spectroscopy systems: 8,792,156

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