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October 29th, 2014

October 2014 patents: microfluidic systems, new screening assays, and more

David A. Weitz, Darren R. Link
In vitro evolution in microfluidic systems: 8,871,444

The invention describes a method for isolating one or more genetic elements encoding a gene product having a desired activity, comprising the steps of: (a) compartmentalizing genetic elements into microcapsules; and (b) sorting the genetic elements which express the gene product having the desired activity; wherein at least one step is under microfluidic control. The invention enables the in vitro evolution of nucleic acids and proteins by repeated mutagenesis and iterative applications of the method of the invention.

J. Christopher Love, Jehnna Ronan
Screening assays and methods: 8,865,479

Screening assays and methods of performing such assays are provided. In certain examples, the assays and methods may be designed to determine whether or not two or more species can associate with each other. In some examples, the assays and methods may be used to determine if a known antigen binds to an unknown monoclonal antibody.

David A. Edwards, Howard A. Stone
Methods for limiting spread of pulmonary infections: 8,858,917

Adrian Salic, Timothy J. Mitchison
Methods and compositions for labeling nucleic acids: 8,859,753

Eric N. Jacobsen
Compound reagents and method for synthesizing enantiomerically enriched amino acids: 8,859,812

Shriram Ramanathan, Venkatesh Narayanamurti, Changhyun Ko
Vanadium oxide thin films: 8,864,957

Chao-ting Wu, George M. Church
Methods for sequencing nucleic acid molecules: 8,865,404

Le Cong, Feng Zhang
CRISPR-Cas component systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation: 8,871,445

Daniel Tschumperlin, Fei Liu, Justin Mih
Multi-well culture plate comprising gels with different shear modulus: 8,871,499

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