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October 1st, 2014

September 2014 patents: nanostructured materials, HDL-cholesterol apolipoprotein CIII, and more

Joanna Aizenberg, Boaz Pokroy
Versatile high aspect ratio actuatable nanostructured materials through replication: 8,833,430

A method of forming a nanostructured surface, including providing an original nanostructured surface having an array of high aspect ratio structures formed on a planar substrate; forming a negative replica mold of the original nanostructured surface, where the negative replica mold includes a flexible material; deforming the negative replica mold; and using the deformed negative replica mold to form a deformed replica of the original nanostructured surface, where the deforming step is performed at least one of before, during, or after introducing a material for forming the deformed replica into the negative replica mold.

Frank M. Sacks, Jeremy D. Furtado, Eric Rimm, Majken Jensen
Association of levels of HDL-cholesterol apolipoprotein CIII with the risk of coronary heart disease and cardiovascular events: 8,846,321

Presented herein are methods of diagnosing, assessing, and treating an individual at increased risk if developing coronary heart disease or cardiovascular event, based on the individual's level of high density lipoprotein cholesterol apoCIII (HDL-C apoCIII)

George M. Whitesides, Katherine A. Mirica, Andres W. Martinez, Chao-Min Cheng, Scott T. Phillips, Xinyu Liu, Xiujun Li
Devices and methods for multiplexed assays: 8,821,810

Steven C. Schachter
Use of huperzine for disorders: 8,822,492

Slaven Garaj, Daniel Branton
Nanopore device with graphene supported artificial lipid membrane: 8,828,211

Christian Dittrich, Gaudenz Danuser
Amphiphilic peptides and peptide particles: 8,828,928

Jennifer A. Lewis
Separation of a target substance from a fluid or mixture using encapsulated sorbents: 8,834,605

Pratheev Sabaratnam Sreetharan, Robert J. Wood
Monolithic fabrication of three-dimensional structures: 8,834,666

J. Christopher Love
Screening assays and methods: 8,835,187 & 8,835,188

Daniel L. Recht, Michael J. Aziz
Semiconductor optoelectronic device: 8,835,852

Jeffrey Wade Harper
Activation and transfer cascade for ubiquitin: 8,846,360

David A. Edwards, Jennifer Fiegel, Jean Sung
Particles for treatment of pulmonary infection: 8,846,607

David A. Sinclair, Maria Alexander-Bridges
Compositions for treating obesity and insulin resistance disorders: 8,846,724

Federico Capasso, Zeno Gaburro, Patrice Genevet, Mikhail Kats, Francesco Aieta
Amplitude, phase and polarization plate for photonics: 8,848,273

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