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3D-printed Tissue Grafts for Hearing Loss

Researchers from Jennifer Lewis' lab at Harvard, in collaboration with Aaron Remenschneider and Elliott Kozin at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, have developed a novel device for repairing damaged eardrums. Customizable grafts with anisotropic material…


  • Jennifer Lewis

Faster testing for illicit drugs

Researchers in the Whitesides lab have developed a portable and easy to use Magneto-Archimedes Levitation (MagLev) device for identifying the composition of illicit drug mixtures. A diamagnetic sample (in this case, an unknown drug mixture) is…


  • George M. Whitesides
  • Christoffer Abrahamsson
  • Amit Nagarkar
  • Michael Fink
  • Daniel Preston
  • Markus Nemitz
  • Shencheng Ge
  • Joseph Bozenko

Pattern Detection at Low Signal-To-Noise Ratio

Robust detection of patterns at low signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) is a fundamental challenge of analyzing imaging data, particularly in biological imaging. Harvard researchers have developed innovative computational algorithms for detecting and…


  • Nancy Kleckner
  • Frederick Chang

Printing Microparticles for Drug Delivery

A startup emerging from Jennifer Lewis' lab intends to commercialize a technology platform that can produce microdroplets of highly viscous fluids, with applications in drug formulation and delivery. (Image courtesy of the Lewis Lab.)Droplet-based…


  • Jennifer Lewis

Novel annulation catalysts via direct C-H bond amination

Introducing functionality into unactivated C-H bonds, a ubiquitous group in organic molecules, remains a significant challenge due to the inertness of the substrate. Traditional synthesis strategies involve functional group exchange, an inefficient…


  • Theodore Betley
  • Elisabeth Hennessy
  • Alexandre Mikhailine
  • Claudia Kleinlein
  • Yuyang Dong
  • Yunjung Baek

Innovative Ear Tube Implants for Improved Drug Delivery

Emerging startup: A company emerging from Joanna Aizenberg’s lab aims to advance the treatment of ear infections with minimally invasive ear tube implants. (Image credit: Aizenberg Lab.) Each year, more than 700,000 children in the United States…


  • Joanna Aizenberg

Use of bacterial probiotic to detoxify common herbicides and insecticides

Pollinators are crucial for the maintenance of wild plants and agricultural productivity; 80% of wild plants and up to 75% of main crops consumed by humans are dependent upon pollination. However, the global pollinator population is drastically…


  • Robert Brucker

Acoustophoretic Printing

A major challenge in planar and 3D printing is the ability to pattern materials over a wide range of physical properties. Commercial printing techniques are limited to narrow range of ink viscosities (e.g., inkjet printing) or materials set (e.g.,…


  • Jennifer Lewis

Novel Flow Battery with Long Lifetime

The cost of wind and photovoltaic electricity has dropped so much that one of the greatest technical barriers to their widespread substitution for fossil electricity is their intermittency. Cost-effective, safe, and scalable stationary electricity…


  • Roy G. Gordon
  • Michael J. Aziz

A New Electrochemical Method of CO2 Capture

There are increasing efforts worldwide to reduce reliance on fossil fuel-based energy. However, in parallel, other approaches are urgently required to deal with the problem of rising CO2 emissions.This invention “A New Electrochemical Method of CO2…


  • Michael J. Aziz

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