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Red Blood Cell-Hitchhiking for Targeted Drug Delivery

Drug delivery utilizing nanocarriers (NCs) as a targeted approach has been actively pursued; however, even with the use of different affinity moieties such as antibodies to improve targeting and reduce off-target toxicity, NCs are predominately…


  • Samir Mitragotri

Extracellular vesicles for COVID-19 vaccine development

The laboratory of Quan Lu at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has developed an innovative vaccine platform that features a novel antigen display technology that has been shown to elicit broadly neutralizing antibody responses from…


  • Quan Lu

Red blood cell-hitchhiking to boost delivery of antivirals and immunotherapies to the lungs

Researchers in Samir Mitragotri’s lab have developed a way to traffic therapeutics directly to the lungs following routine intravenous injection and hope to apply the technology to treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and…


  • Samir Mitragotri

Oral delivery of vaccines

Researchers in Samir Mitragotri’s lab have developed a platform technology that can deliver vaccines through oral administration. The technology features ionic liquids, salts that exist in the liquid phase at room temperature, that preserve protein…


  • Samir Mitragotri

Repurposing of therapeutics to block SARS-CoV-2 protease activity and pathogenesis

Researchers in Christina Woo’s lab are studying the essential mechanisms by which SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus) co-opts normal cellular processes for viral replication. One mechanism that the team has identified indicates that the virus encodes…


  • Christina Woo

Membrane protein nanoparticles for antigen presentation

Researchers in the lab of Dr. James Chou have engineered a new way to display membrane proteins to enhance vaccine immunogenicity using functionalized nanoparticles. The lab has successfully displayed several viral peptides using this technique and…


  • James Chou

Printing Microparticles for Drug Delivery

A startup emerging from Jennifer Lewis' lab intends to commercialize a technology platform that can produce microdroplets of highly viscous fluids, with applications in drug formulation and delivery. (Image courtesy of the Lewis Lab.)Droplet-based…


  • Jennifer Lewis

Platform for AAV Delivery to Skin

Emerging startup: A platform technology from George Church's lab enables delivery of gene therapy via the skin. (Image credit: Carl Schoellhammer, Denitsa Milanova, Humberto Trevino, Cody Cleveland, Jeff Wyckoff, Anna Mandinova, George Church,…


  • George Church

Continuous directed evolution of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases to alter amino acid specificity and enhance activity

DESCRIPTION Functions of various biotherapeutics can often be enhanced by modifying individual amino acid residues. However, the current approaches rely on existing natural amino acid chemistry. Approaches that provide new chemical “handles” will…


  • David Liu

Novel platform for rapid, immunization-free nanobody discovery

This is a novel platform technology that can be used to expedite the development of nanobodies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications by avoiding the need for animal immunization.Nanobodies are single-domain antibodies derived from camelids…


  • Andrew Kruse

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