ROSA26 FLPeR mice developed in the laboratory of Dr. Susan Dymecki

Homozygous FLPe knock-in mice (B6N.129S4-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm1(FLP1)Dym/J, also known as ROSA26::FLPe knock in) were developed by Dr. Susan Dymecki using ROSA26 segments provided by Dr. Phillippe Soriano. The mouse strain carries the FLPe knock-in allele (R26Fki) driving the widespread expression of the FLPe. Breeding of these mice with animals carrying a frt-flanked sequence of interest leads to deletion of the frt-flanked sequence(s) in the offspring.

The detailed description of the mouse stain can be found here.

The mice can be used as a research tool to generate FLP-frt mediated knockout strains and to produce FLP1-expressing primary cell lines.

The mouse strain is available for licensing from Harvard University and will be provided by The Jackson Laboratory.