Gpr65-ires-Cre (Gpr65-ires-Cre knock-in mice)

Gpr65 (G Protein-Coupled Receptor 65) -ires-Cre knock-in mice were developed by Dr. Stephen Liberles and members of his lab at Harvard Medical School. In these mice, expression of Cre recombinase is controlled by Gpr65 promoter in Gpr65-positive vagal sensory neurons (Cell, 2016). The mouse strain can be used as a tool to manipulate target gene expression in the Gpr65-expressing neurons and immune cells, and to study the following conditions and physiological processes:

- Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

- Nutrient detection/satiety

- Gastric motility

- Emesis and nausea

This strain also offers a unique tool for optogenetic studies.

The detailed description of the mouse strain can be found here.

The mouse strain is available for licensing from Harvard University and will be provided by The Jackson Laboratory.