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Deterministic entangled photon pair sources for quantum computing

Quantum entanglement, the non-classical correlation between different subsystems, is a key advantage that quantum computing has over classical computational systems. In quantum communication, entangled photon pairs are a crucial component in…


  • Prineha Narang

Achromatic multi-zone metalens for AR/VR systems

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) hardware is composed of optical elements, displays, sensors and electronics. Optics in particular are highly important to the quality and experience of AR/VR, and classical optical devices impose…


  • Federico Capasso

An achromatic and polarization-insensitive metalens for compact optics

Metasurfaces are a type of flat optics that leverage subwavelength features to control light. Metalenses, a type of metasurface, have emerged as a breakthrough technology to enable compact and efficient optical devices, whereas classical optical…


  • Federico Capasso
  • Wei-Ting Chen
  • Alexander Zhu

Quantum Metrology based on Strongly Correlated Matter

Sensors using individual atomic defects in diamond have revolutionized local magnetic sensing. This technology is based on the insight that higher densities of defects can produce more sensitive detectors. However, at very high densities,…


  • Mikhail Lukin
  • Norman Yao
  • Soonwon Choi

Quantum memory using silicon-vacancy centers in diamond

In the field of diamond-defect-based quantum information processing, electron spins at defect sites sit within a diamond spin-vacuum and external interface is enabled via photon emission. In comparison to nitrogen-vacancy defects in diamond,…


  • Mikhail Lukin
  • Denis Sukachev
  • Christian Nguyen
  • Mirir Bhaskar
  • Alp Sipahigil
  • Ruffin Evans

Isolating live cells after high-throughput, long-term, time-lapse microscopy

Researchers led by Johan Paulsson have engineered a high-throughput microfluidic device for multigenerational culturing, imaging, and tracking of single-cell lineages. The platform is highly customizable and is compatible with many cell types,…


  • Johan Paulsson

Diamond tip for NV (nitrogen vacancy) magnetometry

The ability to map magnetic field distributions with high sensitivity and nanoscale resolution is of crucial importance for fundamental studies ranging from material science to biology, as well as for the development of new applications in…


  • Amir Yacoby
  • Xu Zhou
  • Rainer Stohr
  • Ling Xie

Quantum method for sampling spectral functions

Quantum computing is poised to transform modern technology by solving computational tasks that cannot be resolved by classical computing. Surprisingly, one of the central challenges for quantum technologies, is the search for useful applications of…


  • Eugene Demler
  • Dries Sels

Multifunctional nanofiber materials for mechanical and thermal protection

Protective equipment provides safety for users from hazardous conditions; however, the equipment and the materials that it's made from are usually designed to protect against a single threat. When an operator needs protection from different hazard…


  • Kevin Parker
  • Grant Gonzalez
  • John Zimmerman

Electrically Controlled, Shape Morphing Dielectric Elastomer Devices

Soft materials, such as elastomers, can be used as actuators and provide much larger dimensional changes, compared to piezoelectric and electrostrictive materials. However, these dimensional changes in elastomers do not result in more complex shape…


  • David Clarke

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